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2, 3 BHK Residential Apartments
Investment from ₹ 2.59 cr*

This is an opportunity for a home buyer to step in and take their lifestyle to the next level by investing at Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala. It’s a luxury 2, 3 BHK living address designed by Godrej Properties. This is one of the most searches residential complexes in the region of Wadala, Mumbai. The project is spread across vast acres on the eastern edge of the city which offers a high level of privacy and proximity to some of the city's best waterfronts.

In addition to its size, height, beauty, and location, what makes Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala so distinctive is its location near natural harbors - one of the few undeveloped deepwater ports left in Mumbai. An ideal project plan is available on request.

Project Highlights:-
5 Acres of Residential Development 44 Floor | Total 3 Tower
Now Launching 1 Tower Seaview from the high floor
5 to 7 min from Five Garden Bang on Wadala 4 Rasta
Bang on Wadala 4 Rasta Refundable EOI of 5 lacs
Well Connected Location Luxury Lifestyle Amenities

Savour Pure Luxury Apartments in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai is one of the most prosperous cities in India and one of the leading regions of the Indian economy. It is the financial capital of India and boasts of the headquarters of large corporations. The living environment and culture of the city also make it a pillar of the news and entertainment industry. Mumbai due to its high density was one of the cities most affected by the epidemic. As a result, the housing ban imposed in March was extended to more than 9 months by partial closure. But now Godrej horizon dadar Wadala gives you an opportunity to invest at the finest address.

Many parts of the city had to go through a second closure after the reopening of the section. Due to the heavy load of pandemics, Mumbai was moving slowly between the upper cities to remove the restrictions under the smart opening process of the section. The lifestyle line, local trains, which carry millions of people is now open to the public. There are also no restrictions on office accommodation when many other cities have also already lifted such restrictions on office use. So it’s the right time to invest at Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala.

Find your home in Mumbai

A large percentage of the staff, yet, is still working from home which has had a negative impact on the need for offices in Mumbai. In view of these limitations, office bearers in Mumbai have slowed down their expansion plans and are currently negotiating to reduce hiring. However, as the district approaches the normal situation, local railway services are resumed and the office space is fully filled, waiting for the rented office to start operating. The retail segment, which has been hit hard by the epidemic, has slowly begun to gain traction. Walking in supermarkets and highways is slowly increasing but will still reach pre-pandemic levels.

The deplorable atmosphere seen in residential areas over the past few years has turned out to be thrilling in recent months. The reduction in stamp duty has improved the housing market, as sales increased sharply. Credit for renewal in the residential sector goes to the state government, which has determined that the stamp is significantly reduced during the holidays and the lowest house loan rate.

A Premium Place for Living in Mumbai

Godrej Group residential projects in Dadar Wadala Mumbai find a good location. It is located conveniently at the confluence of the Yamuna and the Hindon River. It has attractive meadows that attracts the attention of developers and consumers. Rapid housing and housing services are booming in the area and technically Godrej horizon Dadar Wadala Mumbai is becoming a hotbed of investment in the Wadala.

With 70% green cover and being a very green sector, this low-income area boasts a high standard of living in a nutritious environment. The best place in Mumbai comes to this region at its best prices. A great opportunity to invest if you are looking for a premium place. Residential areas in the middle of a green area where the presence of vast acres of greenery provides you with convenience.

Continuous and planned infrastructure development that includes residential areas. The industry has become the talk of the town and is gaining popularity. The strong presence of GodrejProperties is marking their names on the list of top builders in Mumbai.

What makes Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala a preferred destination?

It is easily accessible via the Pune-MumbaiExpressway. Mumbai International Airport is easy to reach. In addition, the new metro line is fully operational which facilitates good connectivity of the sector. A wide road between Mumbai and Greater Mumbai, which will connect the national highway with the Mumbai-Navi Mumbai Expressway is expected in the region. Therefore, this sector is blessed with one of the best and most accessible places that ultimately reduce travel time.

Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala - Designed For Complete Lifestyles

Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala in Azad Nagar Wadala, Mumbai is a community ready to relocate. It offers apartments for a variety of budget ranges. There are various configurations homes available for this project. See more high points of the Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala housing society. Spreading over an area of 7 acres of land, the project is one of the best housing communities in the Mumbai region. With all the basic resources available, the project fits into your budget and lifestyle. It’s an ideal mix of comfort and tranquility that you’ve always desired.

Property prices in this sector have been rising sharply over the years and are expected to increase and benefit all buyers. Strong and innovative technologies empowered by public infrastructure exist in this field. Well-known and reputable educational institutions, commerce and retail projects create a rich neighborhood.

The Azad Nagar Wadala has a state-of-the-art sports school with all kinds of sports facilities. Also, many of Mumbai's best apartments and commercial projects are planned for the coming years to further change the existing situation. Invest at Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala - with a lot of sizes to choose from.

Make the most of this time by investing at Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala.

Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala Amenities

Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala amenities

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Godrej Azad Nagar Wadala location

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