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Godrej Ambivali Riviera
at Ambivali, Kalyan, Mumbai

Godrej Properties is pre-launching a new 19 acre land parcel in Kalyan
1 & 2 BHK Residential Apartments
Investment from ₹ 39.5 lacs*
Cheques of 45000 refundable EOI amount in favor of Godrej Riviera Collection Account

Nestled with extended verdant and scenic beauty, the Godrej Ambivali Riviera is a popular destination in Ambivali, Mumbai. Designed with 1/2 BHK Apartments. Enter the peaceful and happy residential address in Ambivali. Driven by political peace, harmony and obedience to the law and the order, developments occur rapidly. Such a friendly atmosphere can certainly attract business interests and this can have an impact on the already strong office market. Growing demand for housing has greatly improved with inflation. Peace has been around since then, not completely but very much, and the newly formed state is focused on its development plans.

The new political leadership has been focused on the development agenda and since 2016, Mumbai has evolved beyond borders and borders. The broader policy environment has changed the situation over the past five years. Infrastructure has been planned and upgraded, the government is keen to utilize the powerful IT power that the city can provide and who worldwide has set up a store in Mumbai. So, Mumbai has come a long way and its success today has returned to pre-2017 levels, only to be significantly improved. This is certainly not a temporary setback that can be lost due to climate change.

Welcome to the Godrej Ambivali Riviera. Built over two levels of stage, this beautiful and peaceful setting is the ideal address for you and your loved ones. With a list of exercise and relaxation options, you get plenty of recreational resources to refresh yourself here.

Commercial growth also helped revitalize Mumbais residential market. An increasing number of people are now moving to Mumbai. Not only are lucrative job opportunities but thriving urban infrastructure with strong infrastructure is attracting young job seekers. Prices for accommodation in key areas west of Mumbai have risen by about significant percentile since long. While some of these inflation may be temporary and a correctional basis, most participants believe that a large portion of you are actually normal prices before the 2017levels. At a time when the nationwide housing industry is struggling, the Mumbai housing market continues to grow.

From six months back, over 90 real estate projects in the Mumbai region are registered under RERA which is only a small fraction of the city's housing and housing estates. While this is a bizarre situation with Maharashtra's RERA adoption, its use has created an ecosystem control system for different engineers to solve and protect consumer interests. The initial problems of the developers due to major difficulties in understanding the project registration process under RERA had a positive impact on the introduction of new housing in the past year.

With the immediate acquisition of permits from various government departments and municipal entities, developers now face any problem in a situation where the project planning cycle is no longer a time-consuming and tedious process. While this is a significant development when the introduction of new settlements stops, this represents an impressive growth rate of residential projects in the region. Choose Godrej Ambivali Riviera

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Godrej Ambivali Riviera amenities

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